three-dimensional airspace allotment

users: air force command and control mission planners requesting airspace, airspace managers provisioning airspace

user problem: planes should not collide mid-air, and certain complicated missions require precise airspace planning to ensure certain planes fly in the right places at the right times (and altitudes). people who request airspaces don’t have a ton of visibility into existing airspace libraries and often don’t specialize in airspace knowledge, leading to messy and incomplete requests. airspace managers need an easy way to deconflict airspaces that overlap in location, altitude and time.


  • standardize airspace request formats to include all necessary information

  • give airspace requestors a chance to deconflict their own airspace requests systematically

  • give airspace managers an easier way to manage more complex airspace conflicts

airspace requestor outcomes: 

  • fill out complete airspace requests digitally

  • be alerted to potential conflicts, and be given tools to troubleshoot on their own

airspace manager outcomes: 

  • receive and review pending airspace requests

  • understand how to troubleshoot issues on my own + more easily locate the affected parties I need to talk to when I need to fix complex airspace conflicts

lessons learned:

  • sometimes your MVP looks nothing like your intended future product

  • patience is needed when working with any government organization (concerning stakeholder management and user access, in particular)