air force squadron contract scheduling

users: air force squadrons about to support a military operation in a given area

user problem: air operation planners need basic information about when a squadron might be available, so that they can task the squadron’s members and planes to missions. this information is spread in different formats, to different people, sometimes too late. contracts rarely get updated or removed, so ops planners often have incorrect or invalid information to plan with.


  • standardize squadron contract information formats

  • provide all necessary scheduling information to the air ops planners

  • allow squadrons to clarify ideal default availability

air force squadron outcomes: 

  • understand and fill out contract information for upcoming deployment

  • change or update schedule information as events occur

  • send information to air ops planners

lessons learned:

  • collaborating across the country (west to east coast timezones) requires attention to scheduling, remote meetings & calls

  • getting time with users as development moves on (not just in the beginning or the end) is crucial to be able to evaluate value and course-correct product direction